Protopipe Ltd implement the latest techniques for pipe bending using the most current equipment available.

The following list outlines our plant machinery and capacity. We are confident we can cater for your specifc requirements.

Bending & manipulation

  • Addison db19 cnc benders 19mm max diameter
  • Addison db40 cnc bender 40mm max diameter x2
  • Addison db63 cnc bender 63.5mm max diameter
  • Comac ring rolling machine 50.8mm max diameter
  • Csm 38cnc 2 stack cnc bender with push bend capability 38.1mm max diameter
  • Portable digital readout hand bender
  • Onsite hydraulic tube bender


  • Addata plus non contact co-ordinate measuring machine
  • Surface table
  • Toolroom/Machine Shop Inspection Equipment

Machining & Fabrication

  • Hurco cnc milling machine
  • Harrison lathe
  • Radial arm drilling machine
  • Pillar drill
  • Promecam / pressbrake
  • 5 tonne hydraulic press
  • Variable angle tube notcher
  • Horizontal bandsaws
  • Circular blade chop saw
  • Circular blade chop saw
  • Morgan rushworth steel worker
  • Vertical bandsdaw


  • Fronius TIG welder
  • Lincoln 351 MIG welder

End Forming

  • Magnum hydraulic tube end former
  • Rotary bead/Swaging machine